This page provides Shag Evans Sheet Music Accepted Use, Refunds, Returns & Privacy Policy, Shopping Cart Service Agreement, Terms & Conditions etc...




At this time Shag Evans offers sheet music, ringtones & eBooks in digital download product form only. (Though physical printed sheet music products are planned for the future.)

There is no feasible way to provide refunds or accept returns on basic low cost digital download products. If I were selling digital downloads that were expensive, then I might consider some form of elaborate piracy protections (cumbersome for the users) and that would theoretically enable a more flexible refund policy.

But, for now anyway, I am offering low cost digital downloads without a security hassle. The downside is that means no refunds. Why should this be?

First, there's no way to verify that a digital product wasn't copied by the buyer first before being "returned". Second, there are too many people of bad faith out there who demand bogus refunds on digital products (products that were actually delivered as promised and in perfect working order.)

But all of that doesn't mean I won't take action if a customer has a problem or concern.

I provide FREE Super Packet files. These are jam-packed information minibooks filled with tips for playing each song. They also function as sample test files that customers can download to their devices before making a purchase. This clears up any questions of device compatibility.

And because the sheet music products I offer are static files -- no moving parts, no activation, no app installed -- that means further tech issues that arise will be due to the third party software a customer is using to view the files.

Now, I can't control exactly what third party software each customer chooses to employ, but I can and do make recommendations on the Shag Evans INFO page.

What I will also do is work with customers who are experiencing any tech issues inside the eCommerce site where the purchase was made -- if I can add anything helpful. Usually the eCommerce platform customer support will have the expertise needed to resolve any issue.

What I will also do is work with customers who made a mistake in placing their order. And -- in the unlikely event that a Shag Evans digital download product is actually proven defective or otherwise missing content -- I will remedy the situation.




The official Shag Evans Acceptable Use Policy for sheet music is located at the front of every PDF song score file that is published (including the FREE Super Packet files).

The key points are, in accordance with U.S. Copyright Law: 1) Certain restricted non-commercial uses of the sheet music are allowed at the present time 2) Commercial uses of the sheet music are not yet permitted.

This is the policy until the Shag Evans songs have been professionally recorded and commercially released. After which time the normal commercial licensing can take place.

Shag Evans reserves the exclusive right to first commercial exploitation of all Shag Evans songs, as is granted by U.S. Copyright Law.

Therefore, for the time being, no commercial performance is permitted and no commercial recording is permitted. But that leaves many different kinds of non-commercial uses that are allowed: at home; in church; at school; at charity events; at other small gatherings etc. Also I do grant the so-called "coffee shop exemption" for public performance -- if done in good faith.

Also I do allow personal, candid, non-commercial, live recordings of my sheet music. This means personal cellphone and desktop audio/video that is completely live performance only, unedited with no studio post production (the audio/video cannot resemble a professional or commercial product).

An example of a candid, non-commercial, live recording would be you (or you and friends) making a video of yourself singing and playing the Best Wishes (Happy Birthday) song to send as a gift to some other lucky human being who is having the birthday in question. I think we all can see how this does not resemble a commercial recording product.

You can even record a Warm Wishes (Christmas In Every Language) video live on stage if you are not a signed professional recording artist or otherwise using the recording for commercial gain. But please note: Audio soundtrack (background music) for separate video content is not allowed because that is a form of edited, non-candid, commercial product.

OK. I think we can all understand the difference between commercial and non-commercial use of the sheet music.

Anyway, yes, I plan on future commercial releases of my own songs, but if you are a music industry artist or representative interested in the first commercial recording of a Shag Evans song, I might allow it depending on what exactly your proposal is.

Also if you are an unknown bible psalm song musician or happy birthday song vocalist with genuine talent then I might be interested in allowing you or your band to use a song in your live show playlist to be played with whatever stylistic changes you feel are appropriate (I don't seek to control how musicians interpret my songs & sheet music -- especially live on stage). Just don't contact me if you want to actually rewrite (not just re-arrange) any of my songs. That is an insult. You go re-write your own songs, dude.




Please see the relevant eCommerce website terms & conditions page.

Shag Evans uses Gumroad, a shopping cart solution for writers and artists with a long track record of having served happy customers over many years.




The Shag Evans Privacy Policy is very simple: There are no secret or hidden surveillance bots or scripts running on this website or running inside any digital products available here. I know this for a fact because this website and all of its digital products offered for sale are completely handcoded by me alone. I don't use any cookies (trackers). I don't collect any personal info besides the email address in the contact form.

Also, any and all shopping cart customer data & payment info is stored at the respective eCommerce website, not here on my server.

Generally my politics are the politics of freedom and I believe customers should be free to browse and buy products from any store in the USA without being digitally frisked and violated as is the case at FB, AMZN, and most other mega commerce platforms.




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